Project management is the total of managerial functions, organisation, techniques and means contributing to a project's execution. Project management breaks down to project controlling and project leadership.



CMB Architecture offers the full range of project controlling and leadership services, drawing on a long experience in business. Our project controlling includes the following services:

  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Coordination of transport connection infrastructure planning
  • Coordination of engineering offices and individual planning efforts
  • Coordination of open space planning
  • Coordination of power supply planning
  • Coordination of construction execution and technical site management
  • Harmonisation of user requirements
  • Harmonisation in the context of subsidies and public funds

Professionally speaking there are action ranges and project stages as follows:


Action Ranges

  A  Organisation, information, coordination, documentation
  B  Qualities and quantities
  C  Costs and funding
  D  Dates, capacities and logistics
  E  Contracts and insurances


Project Stages

  1  Project preparation
  2  Planning
  3  Execution preparation
  4  Execution
  5  Project finalisation



Project leadership comprehends the following basic services:

  • Timely decision making regarding function, construction, standards and design as well as organisation, quality, costs, dates, contracts and insurances
  • Implementation of necessary measures and contracts with full reserve to the principal's rights and duties
  • Obtaining the required permissions, consents and agreements for full official approvability
  • Conflict management for a harmonisation of the participants' differing interests towards common goals
  • Moderation of project talks on management and board levels with the aim of decision preparation and making
  • Conduct of all negotiations that have a binding effect for the principal on a contractual or legal basis
  • One-point-contact for the project, making sure all decisions and measures are carried out
  • Perfomance of project-related representation obligations towards users, financers, public agencies and the public